• Roasty Soup Crunch
  • Roasty Soup Crunch
  • Roasty Soup Crunch
  • Roasty Soup Crunch

Roasty Soup Crunch

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For this tasty everyday soup garnish - we blend roasted panko, thyme, rosemary and smoked sea salt to create the perfect combination of texture and flavour. Give your soups a sprinkle to add a layer of next level crunch and deliciousness.


  • Ready to eat. Just sprinkle to taste!
  • 100% plant based
  • Free from any funny stuff (artificial preservatives, flavours or colours)
  • Perfectly fits your soups, but pairs well with any other dish
  • Taste profile: Roasty, Smoky, Umami
Ingredients & allergens

Witte SESAMzaad, maanzaad, panko (TARWEbloem, gist, zout, palmolie, glucose, TARWEbloem, moutmeel (GERST (bevat GLUTEN)), zeewierpoeder, meelverbeteraar: ascorbinezuur, geïsoleerd SOJAeiwit, gebakken uitjes (TARWEbloem, ui, palmolie, zout), SOJAsauspoeder (rijstmeel, SOJAbonen, TARWE, zout), gerookt zeezout

How to use

Strooi over iedere soep om meer smaak en textuur toe te voegen. Bewaren bij kamertemperatuur.

Soup up your Soups!

Let's talk soups, fellow foodies! We've got something that'll get your taste buds buzzing – Soup Crunch. This little gem is a ticket to transforming any soup into a taste sensation. Think crispy panko, sesame seeds, fried eshallots, and garlic – an absolute flavor explosion!