• Sweet Japanese Curry
  • Sweet Japanese Curry
  • Sweet Japanese Curry

Sweet Japanese Curry

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Inspired by the aromatic curries of Osaka, we blend a Japanese curry roux with our secret spice mix then spike it with apple, ketchup and maple syrup to develop a next level everyday curry sauce.

225ml - ready in 5 mins!

  • Taste profilel: Rich, Creamy, Mild Spice
  • Key ingredients: Fenugreek, Turmeric, Apple, Maple Syrup, Coconut
Ingrediënten en allergenen

Groentebouillon (water, steenzout, maïszetmeel, ui, prei, wortel, zonnebloemolie, kruiden, specerijen), curry roux (kokosolie, TARWEbloem (bevat GLUTEN), currypoeder (koriander, kurkuma, zwarte peper, komijn, fenegriek, kardemon, rode peper en paprika), tomatenpuree, gember, koriander, SOJAolie, komijn, kardemon, klapper, paprika, zwarte peper, kaneel, suiker, kurkuma, knoflook, nootmuskaat, gemalen chillies, laos en zout) (10,9%), appel (5,7%), wortel (4,1%), doperwten (4,1%), aardappel, zoete aardappel, sojasaus (water, SOJAbonen, TARWE (bevat GLUTEN), en zout), SOJAolie, ketchup (tomaat, azijn, suiker, zout, specerijen (bevat SELDERIJ)), ahornsiroop, maïzena, zout, gember, sjalot, knoflook


Verwarm Sproutje Japanese Curry op lage- to middelhoge warmte tot het licht kookt.

Weekday Curry Deliciousness

🌱🚀 Introducing our Savoury & Sweet Japanese Curry – a delicious fusion of flavors for your curry craving tastebuds! 💥🍛 Whether you're craving a quick and satisfying meal or looking to impress with your homemade curry creations, this sauce is your go-to solution. Simply heat it up for a deliciously convenient dinner, or get creative by adding your own twist with veggies, tofu, or whatever tickles your fancy! 🎨👩‍🍳