• Roasty Veggie Jus
  • Roasty Veggie Jus
  • Roasty Veggie Jus

Roasty Veggie Jus

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Get ready for a plant-based jus that tastes so damn meaty, you’ll expect it to moo! First we roast fresh veggies to caramelised perfection and then add shitake mushrooms, herbs and juniper berries to create a 3D flavour that’ll transform any dish.

90ml - ready in 5 mins!

  • Taste profile: Caramelised, Meaty, Roasty
  • Key ingredients: Red wine, Shiitake Mushroom, Clove, Juniper Berries, Thyme
Ingrediënten en allergenen

Groentefond (94,5%)(groentebouillon (water, steenzout, maïszetmeel, ui, prei, wortel, zonnebloemolie, kruiden, specerijen) en groentebereiding (knolSELDRIJ, ui, prei, shiitake (2,4%), wortel, tijm, zwarte peperkorrels, jeneverbessen, laurierblad, bladSELDERIJ, kruidnagel)), rode wijn (bevat SULFIET), tomatenpuree, zout, verdikkingsmiddel: xanthaangom, knoflookpoeder, edelgist


Verwarm Sproutje Veggie Jus op lage- tot middelhoge warmte tot het licht kookt.

So Meaty It Might Moo

🌱🍲 Introducing our Rich & Roasty Veggie Jus – the ultimate flavor boost for your favorite comfort dishes! 💥🥔 Whether you're whipping up stamppot, bangers & mash, pies, roasts (yes, roast veggies!), or hearty stews, our Veggie Jus adds a depth of flavor that'll have your taste buds singing. 🎶🥧 Crafted with care and simmered for over 8 hours to perfection, this rich and roasty sauce elevates every bite to new levels of deliciousness. 🌟🍽️